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Are you a business owner, real estate agent, mortgage broker, financial service provider, franchise owner, or part of a top sales team?  What would improved communication do for you?  Imagine what you can do with all of the money you will be earning as a result of:

  • Increased networking success
  • Stronger client relationships
  • More productive work teams
  • Longer stretches of time off

The life you dream of through clear, confident English.

Choose between:

  • Small Group Mastermind

    -Maximum 6 participants

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  • One on One

    -Private Coaching

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  • Customized One on One

    -Deluxe Package

    -Focus on your specific concerns

    -Target the most valuable phrases and terminology for your industry

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Check Out What People Are Saying About Pronunciation Training with Me

...I met Catherine in San Diego at a conference and we were just chatting and learning more about each other's businesses and on the way to dinner she helped me to actually figure out how I can pronounce Ws, which is huge since consider I've been here for fourteen years .. By the time we reached the dinner I could actually pronounce ...the Ws ...which was huge.  So I highly recommend Catherine  for anybody who has issues with pronouncing either certain words or certain sounds.  It's just amazing.  Especially the speed, how fast you can correct your pronunciation.

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