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Are you a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, massage therapist, or other healthcare professional?  What would improved communication do for you?  Imagine what you can do with all of the money you will be earning as a result of:

  • Promotions
  • Stronger connections with patients and their families
  • More productive work teams
  • Longer stretches of time off

All created through clear confident North American English.

Choose between:

  • Small Group Mastermind

    -Maximum 6 participants

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    -Private Coaching

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  • Customized One on One

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Check Out What People Are Saying About Pronunciation Training with Me

The topics are really useful, and because there are exercises focused on our particular necessities, and also because we have the opportunities to practise during the classes, and then be corrected by the teacher or adviced about what we have to work on.  The contents of this course are really useful, and because when you understand the rules of the English pronunciation; I mean the vowels, consonants, linking, stress, etc,; you are also improving your listening skill because you can comprehend easier the English spoken.  She's courteous and she really knows what she's teaching.  She makes us feel comfortable and self confident in the classes, so we can ask whatever we want and she gives us feedback whenever it's necessary.

Group Client

I learned how to pronounce correctly in this class.  Also the teacher helped to correct me.  I enjoyed very much in this class.  I think I improved my pronunciation from this class.  The main purpose I came to Canada is to improve my pronunciation which is I couldn't improve it in my country; and I got it in this class.  She is very nice and kind teacher.  She gave us a hand any time we needed some help.  She helped us to correct the right pronunciation.

Group Client