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IELTS Excellence Courses

Do you want to immigrate to Canada or the United States?  Do you need IELTS for work or university?  Are you worried about getting a high speaking score?  Imagine what you can do with all of the money you will be earning as a result of:

  • Increased educational and career options
  • Successful interviews
  • Stronger work and personal relationships
  • The opportunity to do work that you love
  • Longer stretches of time off

All of this and more created through clear confident North American English.

Choose between:

  • Small Group Mastermind

    -Maximum 6 participants

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  • One on One

    -Private Coaching

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  • Customized One on One

    -Deluxe Package

    -Focus on your specific concerns

    -Target the most valuable phrases and terminology for your industry

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Check Out What People Are Saying About Pronunciation Training with Me


Thai people, for me, it’s hard to pronounce R,  L, and also TH, CH, whatever.

When I’m taking the pronunciation class it’s very helpful to me to fix my pronounce and can speak properly, clearly and that make the people understanding me.

And right now I’ve just finished a Masters degree of the Human Resource Management.


Tanaporn Tanabumrungkun "Mian"