Could your English skills be costing you more than you realize?

Want to become clearer and more respected in your field?

I totally understand the frustration, fear, and humiliation that can come from not being understood. I'll share my story and show you how.

Why I See English as a Currency Like Gold

The people I work with know that people sometimes don't understand them. At first, it's not a big deal. People speak louder, repeat themselves, or go back and forth and eventually things get solved.  Right?

Unfortunately, there's more to it.

Often as engineers, IT professionals, or other highly skilled workers, immigrants get judged on their language skills. It can impact promotions or salary, and even cause challenges in stressful situations where minutes (or seconds) count.

My clients have used their improved English skills to:

-> Get a new job with a salary over $80,000 per year
-> Speak on stage and deliver a TED Talk.
-> Pass a fluency exam
-> and more!

I have a degree in Languages, Literature and Linguistics

Use Your Improved Speech To:

  • Improve Relationships

    There is no question that being understood
 is a huge part of business and personal relationships.

  • Prepare for a Job Interview

    Get a confidence boost and experience more
 success in your interviews.

  • Get More Sales

    Whether you work with a board
 of directors or customers, you’ll 
find clear communication helps close more deals.

  • Get A Better Job

    Earn a higher income, 
secure a better position, or 
land that promotion you’ve always wanted.

  • Prepare for a Speech

    Nothing makes a presentation go 
more smoothly than being completely understood.

  • Perform Better at Work

    Have fewer communication problems,
 enjoy more positive results, and experience less confusion.

My Story and Why I Believe Pronunciation is Important

As a small child of 2, almost 3, I was a very early speaker and reader with a command of HUGE long words available to me.

Until one day…

I came down the stairs to my gorgeous big-girl tricycle,
and it flipped over somehow.  I landed on top of it and my tiny pink tongue was sliced down the middle.
Now you can imagine the fear my mother felt. My solution, of course, was to just put a Band-Aid on it. I asked the doctor if that was a possibility and unfortunately, no. It meant stitches and some concern that I might not be able to speak.

Well, I made it through. My tongue has healed. It looks a little bit funny but it works just fine. As you can imagine, however, I had to learn to make all of the sounds of English again... with a very sore tongue.

Eventually, as a 12-year-old, I had the gift of the gab once more because I was winning speaking contests, and I was invited to travel throughout my province to compete.  I was even invited to travel to the PNE in Vancouver for a whole week when I was 13.  It was a very exciting, once in a lifetime award to live at an amusement park for 7 days, and it lead me to my true passion as a pronunciation coach and public speaker.

Catherine Steele

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